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Legally Cut Your Taxes By Up to 65%

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One of the biggest complaints we hear from successful business owners is that their current tax advisor or CPA do not introduce specific strategies to significantly and permanently reduce taxes. The reason is simple, most CPAs and typical tax advisors tend to focus on reactively accounting for last year's taxes, primarily as historians, rather than on proactively planning for reducing next year's taxes. Our clients have taxes reduced by 25%-65% per year by using conservative, IRS-approved strategies.

Premier tax planning is a forward-looking approach through which our clients maximize wealth and legally minimize tax liability. This is accomplished by utilizing specific tax-advantageous approaches tailored to each client’s unique situation, and by ensuring that a client’s economic affairs, both now and in the future, are managed in the context of an integrated plan geared toward long-term wealth accumulation.

Our philosophy at Tax Reduction Concierge is that we begin with the engine that generates wealth for clients and optimizes its operating structure from a tax and legal perspective.


  • “For nearly one year, I searched and vetted many financial services firms with the intention of finding a long lasting relationship. My goal was to find professionals that understood legal tax mitigation and investment strategies that every business owner should have access to. The problem is this information isn’t meant to reach the general public. I found myself frustrated until I finally found TRC, but it was well worth the wait. I am finally secure that I won’t make any generous and ignorant donations to the tax authorities.”

    Terry K, New Jersey
  • “Tax Reduction Concierge has been fantastic with tax planning for me as a business owner. Cookie-cutter financial planners and CPA’s are easy to find. Tax Reduction Concierge is much different and I highly recommend working with these guys!”

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Why pay more income tax than the IRS expects you to?

Household Income Avg Effective Tax Rate
$231,300 14.1%
$339,100 16.0%
$520,200 17.6%
$1,588,500 19.4%

Source: IRS/CBO

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Legally cut your taxes up to 65%