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Transportation Companies and Tax Reductions: What You Need to Know as You Grow

transportation company tax deductions

In 2016, there more than 4,900,000 people working in the transportation industry in the United States. That means that there are a lot of transportation companies in the US, hauling all sorts of goods throughout our great country. At Tax Reduction Concierge, we use a few different tax strategies to help high-performing businesses reduce their tax liability. Our team knows the tax solutions that can legally cut your taxes up to 65%. The Research and Development Tax Credit In order to spur growth in the American economy, Congress passed the Research & Experimentation Tax Credit, which allows companies to write… Read More

How to Leverage Your Way to Long-Term Success: Leveraged Retirement Plans

Leveraged retirement plans

10,000 baby boomers are turning 65 every single day. According to a report from Vanguard, the median 401(k) balance of someone between the ages of 55-64 is just $177,805. More than half of Americans have no retirement accounts at all. At Tax Reduction Concierge, we can help you with your leveraged retirement plans. Check out our brief guide on how leveraged retirement plans can help you. For a more in depth explanation, give us a call at (800) 575-8496. Contribution Limits As of 2018, the contribution limit for 401(k) is $18,500. Considering how long retirements last, which is about 18… Read More

Medical Practices, 2018, and You: What Your Office Should Know about the Future of Tax Law

Medical Practice Tax Law

There are more than 200,000 physician practices in the United States. Practicing medicine can be hard, but doing your taxes can be even harder. At Tax Reduction Concierge, we can be your experts on captive insurance and a wide range of other tax related issues. As part of our dedication to you, we want you to understand what the future may bring when it comes to tax laws. Keep reading for our guide on the matter. Stark Law Changes As part of a broader effort to roll back regulations, President Trump’s administration is considering changes to the “Stark Law”. The… Read More

Federal vs. State Employment Taxes: The Difference

Federal vs State Employment Taxes

The term ‘employment tax’ can refer to more than 30 different items, according to the official site of the IRS. That alone can seem complicated, and this is before we get into every single state’s own tax structure. At Tax Reduction Concierge, we have various tax solutions to help your business decrease your tax liability over the long term. Our strategies include captive insurance, deferred compensation, and many other tactics to make sure you are not paying a dime more than you have to. Keep reading for our guide to federal vs. state employment taxes. State Employment Taxes Different states… Read More

Business Tax Planning 101

Business tax planning

The term ‘tax planning’ refers to the process of conducting a business in a way that reduces tax liability. In regular speech, it means finding the right way to pay the government less money. This aspect of business is often overlooked. That means that businesses are giving more to Uncle Sam than they have to. At Tax Reduction Concierge, we have various tax solutions, including deferred compensation, to help companies reach their potential. Check out our guide on what to do to lower your taxes. Process Thinking Doing your taxes is not an event. It is a process. If you… Read More

5 Red Flags That Could Attract an IRS Audit

red flags irs audit

If you make more than $1 million per year, there is 6.21% chance that you will be audited. While this does not sound like much, this is nearly double the chance (3.62%) at which someone making between $500K and $1 million has. Those who are making north of $10 million face the most danger of being audited. 16.22% of all citizens in this bracket faced scrutiny. At Tax Reduction Concierge, we know that no one likes to pay more than they have to. There are various tax solutions that we provide that can help you avoid a tax audit. Check… Read More

The Top Five Ways You Can Avoid a Tax Bomb

Ways to Avoid a Tax Bomb

Let’s say you are in business and making all the right moves. You have your retirement plan. Every single year, like clockwork, you put money into your traditional IRA or 401(k). This is what you are supposed to do, after all. You are imagining sipping mojitos on the beach in Florida as you spend your well-earned retirement enjoying the sunset. Then the tax bill comes. Uncle Sam takes his cut, and it is bigger than you expected. The dream of your beach house in Sarasota starts fading, and it looks like you will only be able to afford a condo… Read More

5 Mistakes Medium-Sized Businesses Make When Doing Their Taxes

Tax mistakes

The United States recently reduced the corporate tax rate to 21%, putting it more in line with international standards. In the best case scenario, a mistake on your taxes means that you spent more than you had to. The worst case scenario is an IRS audit, which can lead to headaches, fines, and even jail time. At Tax Reduction Concierge, we offer tax solutions so that your medium-sized business can grow and prosper. We are experienced professionals who have seen businesses of all sorts come through our doors. We have also witnessed many people make simple mistakes that cost them… Read More

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