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Tax Solutions

If you’re frustrated with your current tax situation, we can help you significantly reduce your tax liability! We offer a comprehensive approach to tax planning that considers your business operation, cash flow, competitive environment, projected profitability in future years and your personal situation.

  • On average we permanently reduce our clients’ taxes by 25% – 45%
  • Tested and proven for thousands of clients
  • We are 100% IRS-compliant

Client Examples

CLIENT 1 $432K $181K $99K $82K
CLIENT 2 $1.6 Mil $722K $476K $246K
CLIENT 3 $5.1 Mil $2.4 Mil $1.1 Mil $1.3 Mil

Expertise In Many Fields
We have worked with business owners across many industries including:

✔ Construction ✔ Real Estate
✔ Manufacturing ✔ Franchise Companies
✔ Distribution ✔ Investments firms
✔ Consumer goods ✔ Legal firms
✔ Financial Advisors ✔ Medical devices
✔ Physicians ✔ Software Developers
✔ Service Providers ✔ Oil & Gas
✔ Transportation

Premier Service
Every client has direct access to our President’s cell phone for every-day accessibility and an unequaled level of responsiveness and accountability to match our unequaled value proposition.

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Why Haven’t I Heard of These Solutions?

Sometimes it really is about knowing the right people – in tax planning or in any other skilled profession. Because we are extremely narrow in our focus, we are also deep in our knowledge and understanding of tax planning for business owners. CPAs typically do tax reporting, not forward tax planning and analysis. Contact us today for more information.